Robert is a luggage freak and CEO. When he first contacted us he congratulated us on our product, saying how much he loved travelling with it. And then he went on to show us his closet, which is filled up with luggage of all kinds and brands collected over the years. Any known brand can be found in there, ranging from the very expensive to the cheap and functional, some over twenty years old. Robert is clearly a well-travelled person and he spends his time mostly going back and forth between New York and Los Angeles.

Professionally, Robert is occupied with fighting cancer. His company is developing a novel way of detecting cancer early, which would massively increase the chances of survival for anyone affected by it. Before becoming CEO in his current company, he has gained experience in a broad variety of areas including finance, acquisitions, marketing, and the development and licensing of emerging technologies.

Armed with his experience we set out to create his very personal best-of-the-best luggage. He went for a bright orange interior as he found this makes it easier for him to “find black socks in a badly lit hotel room”. We also added several small pockets for cufflinks and the like. Orange would clearly not be a good choice for the exterior, but we felt that mirroring the orange interior with orange stitching at the outside would give the luggage that extra bit of sophistication.

About VOCIER titans:

VOCIER Titans is a series of bespoke luggages for selected clients. Each luggage is made in intensive collaboration with what we call Titans: People who are especially brilliant in their field. It does not matter which field it is: They are hedge fund managers, musicians, wine makers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, or something entirely different. What all of these Titans share is their passion for travel, an extraordinary level of achievement and skill at what they are doing, and the fact that these people travel with VOCIER.Titans can design their own special luggage in terms of fabric, leathers, colors, and even request extra functional details. Each Titans luggage is a very personal piece that reflects the unique taste and requirements of each Titan.

The Titans service is not for sale and can not be applied for – it is a present given to outstanding individuals, who happen to be VOCIER fans and customers.

Rob Berman – VOCIER titans Rob Berman – VOCIER titans Rob Berman – VOCIER titans