Who is behind VOCIER?

VOCIER was launched by Michael Kogelnik in Februar 2012. Michael left a promising career in investment banking behind to turn his passion for well-designed and crafted goods into a business that combines innovation and superb quality. Before starting VOCIER, Michael grew up in Austria and studied both Industrial Design and Business & Economics. He worked for DC Advisory Partners in Frankfurt, where he also met Vinzent Wuttke, whom he brought on board to build the company together. Vinzent Wuttke grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany and attended Maastricht University. He worked at Booz & Company and DC Advisory Partners before joining VOCIER in late 2013.

Where can I buy VOCIER luggage?

VOCIER products are only available at or through our selected retail partners. We only partner with the best department stores and luxury boutiques, because we want our customers to always experience the best service possible. Subscribe to our emails or like us on Facebook for updates on retailers close to you as well as the latest VOCIER news.

Where is VOCIER located?

VOCIER's design offices are located in Vienna, Austria, known for its artistic culture and vibrant community. We love the city for its rich tradition in tailoring and fashion, as well as for its high standard of living. Vienna is number 1 on the Mercer Worldwide Quality of Living Survey. Our operations HQ for finance, sales, marketing, and customer services is located in Düsseldorf, Germany. Düsseldorf is one Europe’s media and fashion capitals, and a major luxury shopping destination. Most major European fashion brands have offices, showrooms or retail stores on Düsseldorf’s famous Königsallee. Düsseldorf is 6th on the Mercer Worldwide Quality of Living Survey.

Do you take wholesale orders?

Wholesale opportunities are always interesting to us. We have a growing list of wholesale partners, and are looking to expand. We are happy to discuss your needs and requirements with you personally. Please email us at if you would like to discuss potential business opportunities.