The why, how, and what of VOCIER

27th March 2019

What we do and how we do it are pretty straightforward -- it's our 'why' that gets us out of bed in the morning


‘Moving people who move the world.’ Our why is to make travel effortless for people who have to travel. It’s to make that travel enjoyable, even when you’re away from your friends and family for days on end. But it’s also to assist you in exploring the worlds in which you travel. To encourage you to relax a little on your way, and journey off the beaten path. It’s for those who are globalists by nature, who value the diversity of other cultures and ideas foreign and contrary to their own. It’s about tearing down walls and borders, metaphorical or otherwise, reaching across divides and oceans, and taking back home the best parts of all they’ve seen and learned. These are the people who move the world, and VOCIER exists to help move them as effortlessly as possible.

When yet another promotional email arrives in your inbox ballyhooing a new product, don’t you ask yourself: does the world really need another set of sunglasses? Or boots? Or indeed luggage? The founders of VOCIER are well aware of this phenomenon. Though Michael Kogelnik started out his professional career as an investment banker, he had studied Industrial Design as well. So, when he began in a profession that required a great deal of travel and the need to keep business attire in good condition, he saw a gap in the very large luggage market. “There just weren’t any luggage manufacturers who were making luggage that would allow you to pack your suit jacket without wrinkling it,” Kogelnik explained. “Since I had the need myself, that’s how I came to design this product. It was more just solving a problem.”


Though VOCIER started out first and foremost to create carry-on luggage that could protect important, delicate clothes from wrinkles and damage, the company’s goal has grown with the years. “We have the idea as a brand that we really want to improve the life of the frequent traveler,” Kogelnik said. Founded based on a love of travel, the people behind VOCIER understand that taking the stress out of the travel makes the experience that much more rewarding. Whether you are heading on a business trip, or flying to a distant location for a special event, VOCIER wants to provide you with the sort of luggage that will make your travel life easier. Luggage that makes you want to keep traveling. Luggage that gives you time to breathe and enjoy the opportunity to explore. Consequently, the designers have progressed from the F38-style luggage, that was very much oriented toward the business traveler, to the recently launched Avant modular luggage line. This new line offers the traveler multiple packing options, and extensions of available space, even in the context of strict carry-on luggage regulations. These are just some of the latest ways VOCIER is trying to make the life of the frequent traveler less of a hassle. From carry-on pieces, to the briefcase and wallet accessories that perfectly match and attach to the luggage, VOCIER’s product really tries to think of what you need before you know you need it.

How is it refined

It’s one thing to want to make luggage that won’t wrinkle clothes. That seems to be a pretty straightforward ambition, but it took a lot of effort, testing, redesigning and more testing before Kogelnik and his team were happy with the results: “The design always starts with research and then we buy a lot of products. We test them, we think about them, we learn what the competition does. We learn about new material trends, new fashion trends. We learn about other industries,” Kogelnik explained. “But then you have to think about the product, how it will be used, the economics, the emotion, and that means sometimes you have to start over again.” VOCIER never wants to release a product that does not work well, feel right, and look beautiful. Certainly, judging by the C38 or the Avant carry-on, the designers have succeeded there. And the progression of versatility in options also increases the usability of every piece. These are accomplishments that the company only wants to enhance as the years pass.

How to own it and living the why

Feeling confident in your appearance is a huge part of feeling confident in your presentation. When you use a piece of VOCIER luggage for your business travels, you will have peace of mind knowing that you look great and can concentrate on the fundamentals. And peace of mind gives you time to relax, breathe, and focus. And explore. VOCIER may make luggage for people in a rush, for the movers and shakers of the world, but we want to give those persons time and an excuse to stray a little – to enjoy the opera, to go to the Louvre, to walk the Great Wall, to eat a great meal, to have a drink at Harry’s while reading Hemingway. Sometimes, it’s not about moving the world, it’s about moving with it.