Interlink Technology

Avant matching luggage set collection with Interlink™

13th January 2019

Interlink™ is VOCIER's magnetic-mechanical latching system that enables on-demand connecting of travel and business accessories to carry-on luggage

The INTERLINK Modular Luggage Set Revolution

Traveling for a business trip inevitably feels different from traveling for vacation. You need to concentrate on efficiencies. Making sure you are not taking too long to do something or taking too much for the occasion, all figure into how business travelers pack. And how you pack will impact how easily you negotiate the travel time and navigate congested stops along the way.


Modular Luggage System

VOCIER’S founding mission has always been to make the frequent traveler’s life easier. From wrinkle-free packing to easy accesses to essentials en route, VOCIER carry-on luggage and accessory interface has always been a top priority. That’s what makes our new Avant line the culmination of our design efforts. It is a modular luggage set system that will revolutionize your ease of travel.



Interlink on-demand connectivity Accessories attach seamlessly

INTERLINK is the key

With airline restrictions ever increasing, it can be difficult to pack everything a business traveler needs in one carry-on and one personal bag. Then there is the potential hassle of rolling the carry-on while slinging the personal bag over a shoulder, or holding a heavy briefcase in your other hand. With VOCIER’S new INTERLINK system, your carry-on and personal bag will match and mate perfectly. And the carry-on does all the heavy lifting. INTERLINK combines powerful magnets with a mechanical latching mechanism for seamless and safe coupling. There is no way the attached bag will fall off as you move, nor will someone be able to snatch the attached bag when you are not looking. To prevent this, the magnets pull the pieces together while a mechanical latch snaps and secures it into place.

Protective yet supple Laptop pouch on Avant carry-on

Smooth travels with smart packing

Lightweight as well as durable, the Avant luggage set remains flexible and protective. It uses a hybrid shell that combines the protection of a hard case and the suppleness of a soft shell. To improve your travel experience, you can combine the carry-on with the matching briefcase, women’s work bag, or holdall in order to make sure you are never missing something you need. Specially designed travel wallets and two different sizes of Dopp kits round out the collection.


Interlink™ hook on handlebar Shown with large travel wallet

Never off the hook

The configurable Avant luggage set offers a number of storage solutions for the busy business traveler. Just as the specially designed briefcase hooks effortlessly and securely onto the carry-on, so too can the women’s work bag, or the general holdall bag. You will never have to feel like your most important documents are vulnerable dangling off the back of your carry-on again. Intended for the organized professional, the interiors of each accessory have been specifically arranged so that you can access what you need quickly without disturbing the order of the interior. Grab your PC quickly, tuck your boarding card and passport neatly away, and dash effortlessly from the security line to the gate.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

In addition to the various personal briefcase and bag options, the Avant line also features specially developed wallets and Dopp kits. The two sizes of wallets will allow you to take exactly what you need for your extensive travels, offering options for ways to keep different currencies and company cards separate and accessible. Both wallet options fit snuggly onto the magnesium handle of the carry-on using the INTERLINK handlebar system. The powerful magnet and latch design will keep your most important items safe. Similarly, the two sizes of  Dopp kits with the accompanying small travel bottles and jars for allowed liquids will fit neatly into the Fast Pass pocket designed into the luggage itself.

Ready for takeoff

Keeping the weight low, the customizability high, and the appearance attractive helps the VOCIER Avant luggage line become the perfect companion for all your important business travels. It’s all part of our efforts to make the business traveler’s life easier.