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Healthy tips for long travels

11th January 2019

Tips for how to stay healthy while traveling

Traveling can expose you to all sorts of chances to get sick. That’s especially true if you are traveling during the holiday season. With more people on the move at the height of cold season, you are bound to come into contact with unwanted germs. As big travelers ourselves, we at VOCIER have felt your pain. Here are some of our tips to help you stay healthy on long-haul flights.

How to avoid introducing germs into your system

Washing your hands regularly will prove invaluable to staying healthy no matter the time of year. However, it is especially important during cold and flu season when people will be coughing and sneezing. Sometimes they will cover their mouths and sometimes not. It’s important to recognize that any surface you touch will likely have cold germs. When you are traveling, you don’t always have immediate access to soap and water, so the next best piece of advice is to avoid touching your face with your hands. That is especially important for your nose and eyes since those are the two easiest places to introduce germs. And don’t eat directly from your hands without having washed them first. We’re not great believers in hand sanitizers, but there is nothing like some good soap and warm water.

Disinfect your environment

Once you take your seat, use a small packet of alcohol towelettes and wipe down your tray, armrest and seat controls. This will ensure your immediate environment will be reasonably germ-free. Airplane seat trays can be as full of germs as public computer keyboards and lavatory door handles, so cleaning them will reduce the likelihood that you will introduce those germs into your system. Where you sit can also impact how likely you will be exposed to germs. Sitting in a window seat might protect you from the germs spread by people walking up and down the aisle. However, if the person sitting behind you is coughing or sneezing, that will increase your exposure. Keeping the air vents open and pointing just directly in front of your face will help clear the air around you.

Be prepared to take action

Keeping a small bottle of disinfecting mouthwash can be an excellent method to protect your system. Gargling several times throughout the flight will certainly kill any germs that may be lurking at the back of your throat. Stay aware of how much you are moving. Avoiding deep vein thrombosis is at least as important as avoiding catching a cold. Be certain to get up and move around the cabin several times a flight. And when you are seated, stretching your legs and doing movement exercises with your feet will help keep the blood flowing properly.

Drink water!

We’ve said it before, but drinking water throughout your flights will help you avoid all sorts of ills from jet lag to dehydration. Headaches and other maladies often result from the body not having enough water in the system. Making sure you are drinking and not substituting a good glass of water with alcohol or caffeinated drinks will help you feel more comfortable and less groggy after a long flight.

Diet and the immune system

Though many similar articles often push the notion of “boosting your immune system” before a flight, there is actually very little evidence that that is something you can actively do with things like Vitamin C satchels or other vitamins. Supplements can never take the place of a consistently healthy diet. Eating healthily means ensuring you are taking in all minerals and nutrients that your body needs to function properly, not just before a flight. A good diet helps a healthy immune system. Regular exercise will also benefit your condition. It will ensure good circulation which will be essential to your overall health. It is a lifestyle hack that extends beyond your travel schedule.

The best way to avoid stress

Even if the medical community has not quite decided that mental stress can contribute to bodily ills, in our experience, stress can be a factor in becoming sick. Avoiding stress is not always possible. But VOCIER designs every piece of luggage and accessory to help the busy business traveler reduce stress. Smart packing will speed up your transit times through airports, and lessen the aggravation of long lines or inconvenient luggage. The VOCIER C38 luggage set and F38 carry-on luggage with accompanying Dopp toiletry kit will make the traveler’s life easier by reducing the fatigue factor in flying.

Common sense is the best defense

Even when you take the greatest precautions, there is, unfortunately, no guarantee that you won’t get sick. But by following a few basic guidelines and living a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and regular exercise, you will feel healthier not only when traveling, but at home as well.