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2x iF design award 2019 winners

20th February 2019

Not content to rest on our laurels, we're thrilled to announce not one but two iF Awards for product design in 2019! The Avant carry-on luggage and matching briefcase bring home the honors!


Vinzent Wuttke


Leda Paleari

VOCIER awarded iF design award 2019 winners

VOCIER is pleased to announce that products from the new Avant Collection are being recognized as iF design award 2019 winners in the product design category. Both the Avant Carry-On luggage and the Avant Briefcase have been recognized for their clever functionality and elegant design.

Years in the making for years of use

The VOCIER Avant Collection has been in development for several years, as Michael Kogelnik, co-founder, lead designer, and CEO for VOCIER, thought carefully about ways in which he could improve upon VOCIER’s established pieces like the F38 and C38. “Everything that the legacy luggage pieces did, the Avant luggage does better. It is lighter, easier to use, four wheels instead of two, bigger handlebar, and the Interlink system improves how you can attach the briefcase to the luggage. It is what I would call a normal product development, and a natural step from what we’ve already produced,” Kogelnik explained. “Designing something is about the most challenging thing you can do, and sometimes you need to go back and even redesign it completely. That’s why we take so long for product development. It has to be functional as well as beautiful.” With this driving principle, it’s no wonder VOCIER has received so many awards for product design.

Functional beauty

Though Michael Kogelnik did not start the company in order to see how many awards for product design he could collect, every time one of his creations does receive an accolade of this magnitude, it gives him and the entire company gratifyingly positive feedback. It means that they have been successful in their efforts to make their luggage not only functional but beautiful as well.  “I always wanted to design stuff, invent stuff, develop stuff and also to make it beautiful. Our VOCIER luggage results from having the need myself for this type of carry-on, and then setting about solving the problem,” Kogelnik said.

The award is bestowed annually By an international jury

What is an iF Design Award?

Though launched in 1953 as part of the Hannover Fair to highlight excellence in German design, the iF Design Award has developed into one of the most renowned honors available for international industrial designers. The awards are divided among seven areas or disciplines and highlight the utility and beauty of the developed products. Past award-winning brands include Apple, Porsche, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Philips, Grohe, and Xiaomi. This year’s international jury consisted of 67 senior design professionals from more than 20 countries.