Navigating airports

Quick tips to save time at the airport

1st November 2018

How to navigate and save time at the airport

Even for people with a strong sense of direction, it can be a challenge finding the right ingredients to help get you through your airport transfers smoothly and quickly. Having a stressful time in the airport can negatively impact the whole trip. Though some irritating moments might be unavoidable, we at VOCIER have some suggestions to help enhance your smooth travels.

Smart packing will help

To save time at the airport, get started even before you leave the house. How you pack, what you pack and what luggage you use to pack it in will all make a huge difference. Take for example our VOCIER C38 luggage set. For those week-long business trips, it will fit everything comfortably from your suit jacket to your shirts, ties, and extra pair of shoes. Everything has its designated place, so there is never any guesswork about how to arrange your clothing. Packing is quick and simple. Then the specially designed Dopp Kit with its Fast Pass pocket built into the luggage will make it easy to pass through security. Even the TSA guards will be impressed. We design all our pieces to allow you to be as efficient as possible throughout your entire journey.

Tickets, money, passport

Don’t make the mistake of burying your wallet, tickets, and passport at the bottom of your briefcase. Once you enter the airport, the first thing you’ll need to do is check the departure monitors to find your gate. Having your boarding card easily accessible will mean that you won’t waste precious time fumbling to find your flight number. Having quick and easy access to these items will also help you breeze past customs officials at passport control while hardly skipping a beat. That’s why we have built into our F38 and C38 luggage a travel document holder on the handle. It’s a secure place to store your tickets and passport in particular so that you can access them quickly in lines or on the move.

Get your trolley luggage started

It may seem obvious, but a major tip to save time at the airport comes down to how maneuverable your luggage is. How well does it roll? Is it overly heavy? The VOCIER luggage system helps prevent you from over-packing since everything you need has a place. That means, for instance, you can avoid having extra bits hanging off the handles. Compact, elegant luggage will move much more easily through crowded concourse pinch-points. And the smooth-rolling wheels will glide over the airport’s tile or marble floors. If you traveled with a backpack when you were a student, you’ll likely remember how difficult being so weighted down made racing through terminals. An excellently rolling carry-on piece of luggage like the VOCIER F38, that also has a place to store your briefcase, will ease your way towards your gate.

Keep those toiletries and liquids accessible

Not only does the Dopp toiletry bag help ease your packing chore, but it also comes with three clear, airplane regulation-sized bottles for your liquids. You will not have to worry about being reprimanded by the attending guards when passing through security. The elegant Dopp case has a clear side that will allow the security personnel to see exactly what you have packed without needing to open anything. Nor will you need to resort to inelegant ziplock freezer bags, or worry about having too large liquid containers to be confiscated.

Global Entry to avoid lines entirely

If your international travels either originate in the United States or often include flying into America, then you may benefit from applying to be a member of Global Entry. All the best packing hacks in the world will not guarantee that you won’t get stuck behind slow and less efficient travelers when going through security. To avoid having to take off shoes, ties, belts, boots, jewelry, watches or any other piece of clothing, you can enroll in Global Entry. Since you must first apply with the USA Customs and Border Protection, you’ll need to prove you are a good risk. That will mean you will be required to have an interview and even background check before they will give you access to Global Entry. It is a rigorous process, but very well could be worth it if you are frequently traveling to or from the United States.

Let us help you on your smooth travels

VOCIER is committed to helping frequent flyers enhance the ease with which they can travel. From saving time at the airport to offering the best luggage for business travelers, we want to make all your trips as efficient and stress-free as possible.