Quality and durability

How to confidently buy high-quality, durable luggage

If even after years of business and pleasure travel you find yourself having trouble getting into a good packing rhythm, or if you are tired of having ill-designed bags complicate your life on the road, then it’s time to invest in luggage that will make your travel life easier.

Poorly designed luggage can negatively impact the quality of your trip in significant ways. But the best luggage takes into account every stage of your journey: from the moment you start laying out the clothes you want to take, to the moment when you are standing in line waiting to check-in, through to the moment you start unpacking at the hotel. Great luggage ensures you don’t suffer under the weight of briefcases and purses that have no stowaway place, and does its best to keep your apparel wrinkle-free. Once you have a finely designed piece of carry-on luggage to support you through a stressful flight and transfer situation, your way will feel so much smoother, as will your clothes once you unpack them.

Here are our suggestions for what to consider when buying luggage.

Carry-on luggage is best for business or leisure travel

Whether you are on the road a ton or only occasionally, having the right carry-on luggage will help guide you past the pitfalls of cumbersome traveling. You want a piece of luggage that will make things easy for you: easy to organize, easy to transport, and easy to pack and unpack, all of which are features to save you time and reduce stress. A good carry-on will deliver on all points. On top of that, you want something that is enjoyable to use, tactile, and attractive. In so many ways, leisure and business travel necessities parallel each other since no one wants to get stuck in awkward, time-consuming situations at any point on a trip.

Protected document holder Secure and accessible

Smart and secure pockets for repeated access to important items

Safe, easily accessible storage for your travel documents is essential for pain-free navigation of passport control, security checks, and boarding lines. But the access should only be easy for you and not someone standing in line next to you. Finding the right piece of carry-on luggage that has a specific security pocket that’s the right size for your boarding pass, passport, and any other important travel documents is essential. Keeping things like your luggage check separate from the rest of your important small items like house keys, small change, and work notes will mean that you won’t have to be rifling through fiddly things, and instead will be able to confidently whip out your boarding card for travel or security officials on demand.

Materials matter Built to save time and money

Durable and smooth luggage wheels and zippers make travel life easier

Finding luggage with a durable wheel system will also ensure easy, effortless movement around airports, hotels and city streets. It will also save you money over time. Whether you are looking to buy a piece of luggage with two wheels or four, the most important thing is to make sure they roll easily over an unlimited variety of surfaces. It’s easy enough to get wheels to roll smoothly over an airport’s marble floor, but what about when you step out onto streets with poor road surfaces or picturesque cobbles? That’s when the wheel system’s true character will become much more apparent. Replacing your expensive luggage simply because its wheels didn’t withstand the varieties between Dubai International and Parisien pavé is a frustrating and costly proposition.

Also, consider that reliable and durable zippers are equally important. They need to be robust without being a struggle to zip and unzip, especially as you are pushing your way through the security line and need to take out your toiletries and liquids for inspection. Plastic zippers save money and may reduce a bit of weight, but they bind and wear out with frequent use. Invest in luggage with metal zippers.

Compact size and lightweight Make travel life simpler

Luggage size and weight matters

Luggage size is always an important aspect, especially when trying to stay on the safe side of airline regulations. It should be light enough so that it is not a struggle to lift into an overhead bin and maneuver in tight surroundings. And any carry-on piece with wheels should also have discreet places where you can safely stow your briefcase, purse or small bag so that you are not weighed down while walking through the terminal or waiting in line. It’s little details that could mean the difference between comfortable travel, sore shoulders, and absolute exhaustion. But the size of the luggage should not compromise how efficiently you can pack your clothes to emerge still unwrinkled when you arrive at your destination. With well-designed luggage, packing so that you are not wrinkling your clothes should be intuitive, where everything has a place and there is a place for everything.