Great gift suggestions

Gift ideas to save time, make travel easier, and improve the journey

5th December 2018

Six Great Gift Ideas for Travellers

For the busy business traveler, sometimes having more time is the best gift of all. And while none of us can purchase an extra hour or two, we can buy time-saving accessories and other products that ease the stress of frequent traveling.

We travel a lot at VOCIER, so we know how it is: even when the trip is for pleasure, saving time in line or blocking out some of the stresses inherent in traveling can help us feel fresh and ready to explore our destination.

So here are some of our favorite items that help us enjoy Smooth Travels:

Noise-canceling headphones for quiet travels

The ambient noise on an aircraft is as irritating as it is inescapable. Whether you are in First Class or Economy, it’s going to be loud. And the incessant noise is definitely a stressor, so investing in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones will go a long way to improving the trip.

Whether you are looking for over the ear or earbud style headphones, there are several brands that offer excellent protection from surrounding noises on planes and in airport lounges. Bose, of course, has long been the market leaders in this area, though companies like Sony also have effective options. Comfort is key since many business travelers will frequently be on long-haul flights that stretch to 8 and 12 hours. A comfortable pair of noise-canceling headphones that can protect a traveler’s ears from the din of airplane travel will do wonders for the well-being of the frequent traveler in your life.

Dopp kit toiletry bag

This might be our favorite item out of all our of own products. It is just such a cleverly designed piece of kit that offers the perfect amount of space for our toiletry essentials while helping us breeze through security. Every airport in the world makes you display your liquids, forcing most passengers to keep all mini bottles with liquid in a zip-lock bag separate from the rest of the toiletries.

With the VOCIER Dopp Kit, the clear side lets you see everything you have packed, and the three airplane regulation sized clear bottles will give you the perfect receptacles to store your creams, lotions or bath soaps in full view of the security personnel but without the fiddly irritation of the supermarket zip bag.

Passport holder to stay organized

Keeping track of passports, boarding passes, luggage checks and other travel documents can be stressful. Having a nicely designed Passport Holder to organize the most important travel items can save time and stress. If the traveler in your life does not yet own a piece VOCIER luggage that comes with the integrated Travel Document Holder, then an elegant Passport Holder could be a very welcomed present. High-end brands from Hermes and Mont Blanc on down will have options that can store anything from the passport and boarding pass alone to holding everything including credit and ID cards, folding money and even change. That could be useful for travelers likely to be moving in and out of different currencies in a short space of time.

Carry-on luggage and garment bag in one

For that loved one who travels a ton, consider buying a VOCIER F38, C38 or even F35 piece of carry-on luggage. Travelling, especially at the holidays, often means you need to pack delicate pieces of clothing in ineffective bags. Garment bags are pretty good at getting suits and dresses made from fine materials packed without too much concern for wrinkles, but they are notoriously hard to carry comfortably once the hanger starts digging into your hands. And if you have to stow them in the overhead container, it’s likely to be crumpled or even damaged when you land. Similarly, conventional carry-on luggage is not equipped to pack delicate clothing items without wrinkling them horribly.

But with one of VOCIER’s specially designed pieces of carry-on luggage, it is possible to travel with your nicest pieces of clothing and know that once you unpack them at your destination, you will be certain that they will look as fresh and pressed as when you packed them at home.

Augmented paper from Mont Blanc

For that loved one who hates typing on the small keyboard offered by today’s smartphones, the Mont Blanc Augmented Paper and Pen collection allows the user to write or draw on the paper, and then with the press of a button housed in the leather envelope the holds the notebook, whatever that appears on the page can be transmitted via Bluetooth to your mobile device. For artists, writers, or anyone who hates to type using a mobile phone or iPad, this is a clever product that makes certain no ideas are lost in the ether.

3-piece luggage set for the ultimate gift

If there is someone on your Christmas list who travels frequently for business, then you could make that person’s life very much easier with the gift of a 3-piece VOCIER travel set that would include the carry-on with patented Zero Crease™ system for wrinkle-free suits and business apparel, the Dopp toiletry kit, and the F25 leather laptop briefcase.

Made from elegant Italian leather, all three matching items will work seamlessly together so you will never need to worry about where you will stash your toiletries where they can be easily accessible in security lines. The F25 briefcase will protect a laptop and also make it easy to get to when you need to grab it out for inspection. This sophisticated collection will be the ultimate gift for the seasoned traveler.