Zero Crease™ Compartment

Patented solution for wrinkle-free attire whilst traveling

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Pack. And roll.
The Zero Crease™ compartment is a patented solution to eliminate the causes of wrinkles by removing pressure, and by rolling rather than folding apparel
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The Zero Crease™ compartment eliminates the need to travel with a suit bag. It turns your VOCIER Avant carry-on trolley luggage into a wrinkle-free solution for travel with suits, dresses, or other business attire. When used, the compartment works as the luggage’s storage space. Once inserted into the luggage, it rests on a patented suspension system. This prevents the weight of its packed contents from resting on your fine apparel. Suits or other attire that need to be transported wrinkle-free gently roll around the compartment. Pressure and folds, the two causes of wrinkles, are thereby eliminated. The interior compartment is inserted and removed within seconds to quickly accommodate your specific travel requirements. So, if you’re not traveling for business, simply remove the compartment for additional luggage space.

Specifications Specs
Measurement (cm)L53 x W37 x H11
Volume22 l
Weight0.4 kg
Avant Carry-On
ExteriorLightweight nylon
InteriorSmooth nylon
Pack. And Roll.
Rolls instead of folds to prevent wrinkles
Our award-winning and patented solution prevents wrinkling of suits and other attire during travels so you arrive looking looking your very best
Fast Pass™ Compatible
Zero Crease™ compartment is Fast Pass™ compatible
The optional Zero Crease™ compartment works seamlessly with our Fast Pass™ pocket for easy Dopp kit access during security checks.
Hanger included
Dress your best, be your best
The Zero Crease™ compartment includes a velveteen-lined hanger so you can effortlessly pack and unpack important apparel