Avant Small Dopp Kit

Clever Dopp kit with clear side panels and translucent travel bottles

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Standard dopp kit
This stylish Dopp kit is made with transparent panels for viewing of contents and includes 2 50ml travel bottles and 1 travel jar
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The Avant standard Dopp kit features transparent side panels for easy viewing of contents. As a result, you’ll get through airport security checks as swiftly as possible. It conveniently includes 2 German-made, translucent travel bottles, and an additional travel jar. All bottles and jars meet global air travel requirements. Each reusable bottle and jar is pre-labeled for Hair, Face, and Misc. And, each travel bottle features vacuum-action pumps to extract every drop of liquids and lotions. This stylish Dopp kit works with our Fast Pass™ concept for quick removal from the luggage body during security checks.

Specifications Specs
Measurement (cm)L24 x W7 x H11
Volume1.8 l
Weight0.12 kg
Side panelsSewable clear plastic
Mesh fabricVOCIER ballistic nylon
ZippersPVD-coated brass
Fast Pass™
Breeze through security checks
Fast Pass™ is our integrated Dopp kit pocket reduces time at airport security checks.
Transparent Dopp kit panels
Our transparent Dopp kit panels make security checks hassle-free with effortless, unobstructed viewing of contents
Transparent travel bottles
Complete transparency
Included with our Dopp kits are transparent and reusable travel bottles that are pre-measured, pre-labeled, and pre-qualified for all international travel.
Durable Nylon Mesh
Timeless design, durable materials
Our ballistic nylon mesh is abrasion, water, and dust resistant to withstand years of frequent travel.