Avant Large Dopp Kit

Large Dopp kit for additional toiletries capacity

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About Avant Large Dopp Kit
The Avant large Dopp kit features the same viewing panels as our small version, but with 50% more storage capacity, 3 travel bottles, and 2 jars.
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The Avant Collection’s large Dopp kit is just as thin as our small version but has 50% more capacity. So, if you’re someone who prefers carrying slightly more toiletries, you won’t find yourself limited by its size. It features non-yellowing clear panels for easy viewing of contents to get you swiftly through checkpoints. It also includes 3 German-made, translucent 50ml travel bottles approved for international travel. Each travel bottle features a clever vacuum-action pump, to extract every drop of liquids and lotions. Additionally, 2 screw-top jars for things like cremes, aspirin tablets, rings, and earrings, or miscellaneous small parts are included. Both the small and large versions are designed to work with our Fast Pass™ concept, for quick extraction and reinsertion into carry-on luggage.

Specifications Specs
Measurement (cm)L15 x W7 x H25
Volume2.6 l
Weight0.15 kg
Side panelsSewable clear plastic
Mesh fabricVOCIER ballistic nylon
ZippersPVD-coated brass
Fast Pass™
Breeze through security checks
Fast Pass™ is our integrated Dopp kit pocket reduces time at airport security checks. Conveniently extract your toiletries for inspection in seconds.
Lifelong companion
Functional design, timeless durability
The Dopp kit features abrasion, water, and dust resistant ballistic nylon, and non-yellowing clear panels.
Transparent Dopp kit panels
Our transparent Dopp kit panels make security checks hassle-free with effortless, unobstructed viewing of contents
Additional capacity
Taller, not thicker
The Avant large Dopp kit has 50% more capacity than our small version but is just as slim.