F12 Dopp kit

Leather Dopp kit with transparent viewing window and transparent travel bottles

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F12 brown leather Dopp kit
The F12 Dopp kit is an integral part of our carry-on luggage's Fast Pass™ concept but would make any luggage owner proud
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The VOCIER brown leather Dopp kit is the perfect size for essential toiletries. One side of the bag is a transparent window made from scratch-proof plastic. This provides unrestricted viewing of the bag’s contents for security personnel. The other side is finished in durable Italian leather with a full-length zipper pocket for small items like vitamins and earrings. Also included are three German-made transparent travel bottles. These bottles meet all international travel restrictions for carry-on liquid volumes and are reusable and refillable. The bottles also feature vacuum-pump caps to extract lotions and liquids. The F12 brown leather Dopp kit fits neatly into our carry-on luggage Fast Pass™ pocket for rapid access during security checks. The total capacity of the Dopp kit is 1 liter, and each travel bottle holds up to 50ml of liquid.

What fits inside?
Specifications Specs
Measurement (cm)L23 x W10 x H10
Volume1.8 l
Weight0.3 kg
ExteriorItalian leather
InteriorCotton twill
ZipperYKK Excella™
Fast pass™
Breeze through security
Quickly remove frequently needed items, such as the C12 Dopp Kit, from the inside compartment without opening the main zipper. This makes moving through airport security much easier.
Transparent travel bottles
Complete transparency
Included with our Dopp kits are transparent and reusable travel bottles that are pre-measured, pre-labeled, and pre-qualified for all international travel.
Transparent wash bag windows
Security clearance
On even our smallest products, we obsess about the details that make travel life easier, quicker, and less stressful.
Complete your smooth travels