Jungmann & Neffe

Vienna’s well dressed never walk further than Ringstrasse for a suit, calling on Wilhelm Jungmann & Neffe, a purveyor of fine fabrics. Local residents frequent the store for its impeccable quality and service and to soak up the middle European charm.

Until 1915 Jungmann were mainly in lady’s fabrics and from that year on they changed to gentlemen’s fabrics.
In 1924, the store was one of the earliest in that area of the continent to sell English fabric.

Gaugusch, the owner and forth generation of the store tells us: “Everybody in our store knows about the fabrics, knows about quality. Since several family generations what we do is giving people value. Selling only quality is part of our culture and the products we sell are nothing like the uniformity you see everywhere, it is something completely different. You can´t copy it, it´s something very special and unique; and that´s what we do.”

VOCIER is proud to partner with Willhelm Jungmann & Neffe for the F collection.

To see more of Jungmann & Neffe, watch the video here:

Jungmann & Neffe Jungmann & Neffe Jungmann & Neffe