Charlie Allen, London

A man looking for a bespoke suit in London is spoilt for choice, from the traditional houses in Savile Row to new‘Modern-British’ tailors dotted around the East End and Soho.But whilst the craft of bespoke is thankfully alive and well, we believe there is an art to bespoke that is more than the exercise of the finest craft.

The art of bespoke is where the craft of bespoke meets the personality of the client. Where the tailor has the time, sublety, and insight to create a garment that is right, not just for the body, but the mind and the personality of the wearer.

The third generation of his family to work in the trade, he learned tailoring at his grandfather’s knee and was cutting his own clothes before he left school. Fascinated by men’s clothing, he then trained at the Royal College of Art, before going into business on his own at 24.

With a client list that reads like a Who’s Who of London’s best dressed, he’s dressed everyone from royalty to rock stars.

Warm, approachable, and not a little playful, you’ll find having a suit made by Charlie is a pleasure from start to finish.

Charlie Allen, London Charlie Allen, London