Durable Italian leather

Everything looks better in leather

Designed for durability and a patina that only gets better with use, our durable Italian leathers further distinguish VOCIER products from mass-produced brands.

Richly textured and impressively durable, the Tuscan leather used in VOCIER’s F Collection showcases the beauty of centuries-old, Italian craftsmanship.

We visited over 40 artisan leather makers throughout Europe before settling on a small, family-run business in Tuscany, not far from Florence. The leathers they produce by hand meet the highest environmental regulations, and their hides originate only from Swiss sources who meet the most demanding animal treatment standards.

Italian leather handles and exterior F38 black

We design luggage for discerning customers who enjoy the complete travel experience. Enabling them to travel well, comfortably, stress free, and at the same time, stylishly, is what influences our designs. That’s why we build luggage that is engineered to last and age beautifully with frequent use. Our exquisite leather luggage perfectly exemplifies this design objective.