German-made fiber-reinforced plastic

Not all plastic is created equal

VOCIER uniquely uses BASF fiber-reinforced plastic, the world's most durable and impact resistant plastic, to meet the demands of frequent travel.

We design our products to last much longer than ordinary travel bags. This is why VOCIER is the only luggage company that uses BASF fiber-reinforced plastic. This plastic was specifically developed to withstand enormous amounts of energy on impact. Because it is fiber-reinforced, it provides an extraordinary amount of durability at an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. We use this high-quality plastic liberally to provide additional body strength and integrity. It also provides protection where it’s needed most, and security to your valuable possessions.



Durable BASF plastic has multiple uses Integrated document holder on the F38 carry-on

Good luggage is a long-term investment, so it has to be built to last. Dents, scratches, tears in the shell, handles that loosen over time, wheels that have a mind of their own, and unreliable zippers: these are the things VOCIER’s designs intentionally avoid. We invest in costly designs and costly materials to ensure you have a product to be proud of, and which will provide years of reliable service. Tuscan leather, German BASF plastic, and Japanese YKK metal zippers are a few examples of our high-quality suppliers.

Purposeful design and materials Impact resistant plastic protects your investment