Avant Collection Materials

Time and the right materials

From magnesium to Inox steel, from ballistic nylon to Italian leather, we take time to obsess about the perfect material for each function

Magnesium handlebar Improbably light at just 100 grams

Magnesium is used in super-strong, super-lightweight materials and alloys. Due to its strength and lightweight, it is increasingly used in aircraft and aerospace design. Our use of magnesium is a first in luggage design and is one way we make our luggage so lightweight, while at the same time making it so incredibly durable.

Built to last Ballistic nylon mesh

The ballistic nylon mesh used on all Avant Collection products is designed and manufactured to our specifications. It is uniquely durable, lightweight, water-resistant, and dust-repellent. Most importantly, it adheres smoothly to the beautiful contours of our lightweight luggage products without unsightly wrinkles or bulges. For its weight, nothing is stronger nor more durable.

Powder-coated zippers Individually-polished teeth for incomparable smoothness

The metal zippers used throughout our Avant Collection are a small wonder. Made from brass and then powder-coated with Zinc, they are uniquely manufactured such that each individual tooth is perfectly set and symmetrically spaced. Unlike plastic zippers, our precision-manufactured metal zippers will provide a lifetime of super-smooth reliability.