How To Pack

How To Pack - Step 1

1. Place shoes at closed side of center compartment. Insert wash bag from open side and fill any remaining space with underwear. Lay knitwear and shirts on top.

How To Pack - Step 2

2. Lay trousers into jacket with waistband touching bottom of compartment.

How To Pack - Step 3

3. Close Jacket and lay suit flat.

How To Pack - Step 4

4. Insert center-compartment.

How To Pack - Step 5

5. Bend outer-shell containing suit around center-compartment.

How To Pack - Step 6

6. Close zippers for perfect protection.

How to open the top buckle

How To Pack - Open top buckle

To open, slide lower buckle part sideways

How To Pack - Close top buckle

Close any direction

A few more tips ensure your suit arrives with a minimal amount of wrinkles:

  • If you are carrying two suits on a single hanger, hang the suits sleeve-in-sleeve.

  • Always ensure that your suit is dry before packing. Damp suits, especially when put straight into the luggage after being worn, are less likely to arrive free of wrinkles – no matter how the suits are packed.

  • We recommend hanging and drying a suit for at least 24 hours before packing.

  • Avoid over-packing your luggage. This creates pressure on the garments, which may result in wrinkles.