Zero Crease™ System

Our patented no-wrinkle concept

A wrinkle-free solution for traveling with suits was the inspiration behind VOCIER. We invented it, patented it, and called it Zero Crease™

Rolls instead of folds Shown here on F38

Do you need to travel with a suit, or other business or formal attire, without wrinkling? The Zero Crease™ system is unique in that it eliminates pressure and folds, the two causes of wrinkles. Included on all VOCIER carry-on suitcases, the Zero Crease™ system doubles as an integrated garment bag and valet.

The ultimate zero-crease luggage.
How it all started Eliminating wrinkles for business travelers

Zero Crease™ works by using the exterior of the luggage as a garment bag, which gently wraps around an interior compartment. Hang your suit or other apparel on the provided hangar, pack underwear, shirts and shoes in the compartment, and zip the luggage shut. The interior compartment is ingenuously suspended, so that excessive pressure is prevented from pressing against your suits or dresses. If you’re on longer trips or don’t need wrinkle-free protection, the compartment is easily removed. But for travel with a suit, dress, or other fine attire, VOCIER will be your go-to solution.




Luggage compatible with Zero Crease™