Ultralight magnesium handlebar

So light, it flies

For today's professional, lightweight and durable carry-on luggage is necessity, not luxury. Our designers used magnesium, an industry first, to create lightweight luggage meant for years of frequent use

Designing carry-on luggage that is lightweight and beautiful is hard enough without it also having to be durable. The risk of making something more durable is making it heavier, which defeats the purpose of carry-on luggage. We solved this problem, however, by looking to magnesium, one of the lightest metals in the world, for the production of the handlebar on our new Interlink carry-on luggage. Notoriously lightweight yet strong, magnesium provides the perfect solution to keep this suitcase under 4kg, unmistakably VOCIER in design and innovation, and durable enough for years of frequent use.

Magnesium handlebar with Interlink technology

In addition to the handlebar’s strength, extreme light weight, and structural support function, it also features VOCIER Interlink technology. Two small Interlink hooks blend seamlessly into the surface of the handle, but can be actuated with the push of a finger. When actuated, these hooks integrate with VOCIER large and small wallets, or can be used as temporary hangers for jackets, purse and camera straps, or other objects up to 9kg (20 lbs) in weight.

Extra-wide design Improved ergonomics and manoeuvrability

The extra-wide design of the handlebar extends the full width of the luggage, so its aluminum stanchions frame the outside of the luggage. This design is not only structurally superior to placing the stanchions along the spine of the luggage, it also means a significant increase to internally packing space, and that contents can be packed completely flat. When extended, the wide handlebar provides uncanny ergonomics and improved manoeuvrability, as well as greater balance to the luggage so it doesn’t risk easily tipping over like other luggage designs.