Transparent bottles and jars Available with our Dopp kits

Travel bottles

Transparency is the best policy

All or our Dopp kits include a variety of transparent reusable and leak-proof bottles and jars that are pre-measured and pre-approved for international travel

Hair, body and face refillable bottles Made in Germany

Included with all of our Dopp kits are German-made travel bottles and jars. They meet all air travel requirements for liquids. Each bottle is reusable and refillable and uses vacuum suction to pump contents. Their pump-action tops fit snugly so contents don’t leak. Used with our F12, C12 and Avant Dopp kits, these pre-labeled bottles and jars make life smoother during security checks. Likewise, they make packing easier for organized travelers. To ensure international compliance, each translucent bottle holds a maximum of 50ml of liquid.

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