Aesthetically beautiful, functionally ideal

For use apart from Interlink™, a perfect-length Italian leather shoulder strap is included on our work bag, holdall bag, and briefcase.

Leather shoulder strap In use, and stowed away

VOCIER products featuring Interlink™ function best when used in conjunction with the Avant carry-on luggage. But each accessory can easily be used apart from the carry-on. For this reason, the Avant briefcase, holdall bag, and work bag for women all include perfectly dimensioned Italian leather shoulder bag straps. The strap is the perfect length from a carrying standpoint, so the bag rests comfortably, and at the right height, on your shoulder. It is also the ideal length from an aesthetic standpoint. It is just long enough to slip under the body of the bag when not in use. So, it’s never sloppy, nor in the way.

Italian leather shoulder bag straps Aesthetically and functionally perfect
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