Effortless travel

Landing gear for your luggage

A proprietary one-piece axle design with Inox steel bearings results in maintenance-free spinner wheels with unparalleled handling and effortless rolling

Most luggage manufacturers cut corners and costs by using wheels with plastic bearings. But eventually, the consumer pays the price. Plastic bearings cause more rolling resistance and a lack of durability. This means that, at the end of a long workday, rolling your luggage is just another tiring task. And, frequent use of luggage with inexpensive wheels eventually leads to wheel repairs or replacements. But the spinner wheels on our Avant luggage are designed with a sealed bearing axle made from Inox steel. This axle connects each pair of spinner wheels for unparalleled smoothness and virtually zero rolling resistance. It also makes for effortless handling in tight areas. And, the use of such high-quality materials means our luggage wheels are maintenance free.

Effortless handling