Italian leather and PVD-coated brass fittings The F38 in black

World-class materials

International design awards. World-class materials.

Design, quality, innovation, and durability are hallmarks of the VOCIER brand. Winning awards and being best-in-class mean we don't cut corners. Anywhere.

Like all professionals, we take enormous pride in the products we design and manufacture. We also know that we are producing for a discerning audience, whose expectation is not just ‘good,’ or even ‘very good,’ but rather: ‘The Best.’ That’s why we design products that win the world’s most prestigious design awards. And that’s why we choose only the finest materials from the finest suppliers.

Quality means durability Japanese zippers, Italian leather, and German plastics

What makes great luggage? Quality and durability. Both of these qualities are infused in everything we make. German-made, impact-resistant fiber-reinforced BASF plastic, hand-selected Tuscan Italian leather, and polished aluminum Japanese YKK zippers set the benchmarks for quality in their industries. We rely on these great suppliers to make the best luggage in the world.