Fast Pass™

The fastest legal way through security

Getting through airport security checks as quickly as possible is what Fast Pass™ is all about.

The Fast Pass™ pocket works in conjunction with our innovative Dopp kits to reduce time at airport security checks. Included on all VOCIER carry-on luggage, Fast Pass™ is tucked under the top carry handle. Access is unobstructed and zipper-protected, providing instant, secure access to contents without having to open the main suitcase compartment. With Fast Pass™ your toiletries can be extracted and inspected by airport security in seconds. Of course, you can also use Fast Pass™ to securely store other valuables or important documents, as well.

Unobstructed access Fast Pass™ pocket on CP38

As professionals who found ourselves boarding flights at least two times a week, we struggled to find luggage solutions that addressed our particular problems: wrinkled suits, time lost in security checks, and no obvious safe place to store our travel documents and mobile phones, just to name a few. The luggage that was available lacked quality and durability, and above all, missed the dignified styling we wanted. So we created our own luggage. We have obsessed ever since about the small details that make the life of travelers as smooth and cultured as possible. Our Fast Pass™ concept is just one of many features we designed to make travel effortless and enjoyable. Getting you swiftly through airport security checks is just one way of doing this.

3 pre-measured travel bottles Transparent bottles included

Included as part of the Fast Past™ concept are 3 pre-measured, internationally approved travel bottles. Each bottle is pre-labeled for hair, face, and body. The travel bottles are washable and reusable and include pump tops to extract liquids. They are made in Germany for the highest quality and durability. Nothing works to get you through airport security checks faster!

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