Handle and shoulder strap in one

From handle to shoulder strap in under 6 seconds

Effortlessly switch from a hand-held to shoulder-carry briefcase. The clever design neatly tucks shoulder straps behind the luggage sleeve.

A fine, hand-held leather briefcase is a professional must-have. Yet, it’s also sometimes nice to have a more casual briefcase with a shoulder strap. Our F25 leather laptop briefcase provides the best of both worlds: it’s an elegant, Italian leather hand-held briefcase for those more formal meetings and appointments where looking your best is paramount, but through a clever fastening system, its handle can quickly be converted into a shoulder strap with enough length to even wear across your body like a messenger bag. The convenience of the shoulder strap also allows you to keep your briefcase and its valuables safely attached to your body, while your hands are free for phone calls, taking notes, or shaking hands.

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