Mobile office

Obsessively, compulsively well organized

Tall, expanding file system with vertical pockets keeps items properly segmented, quickly accessible, and prevents accidental spilling

We started out with excellence in business luggage design as a priority. Our deep, vertical, accordion-style compartment design is accented with pockets and slots for everything from file folders, pens, pencils, and travel documents, to coins, keys, earrings, and credit cards. In short, everything one needs for a mobile office. It resembles a file folder system designed to keep items clutter free, properly segmented, easily viewable, and quickly accessible. Fabric webbing between each compartment ensures that contents stay in place, and don’t accidentally slip out. Because the opening-angle for the Interlink briefcase, work bag for women, and travel wallets is restricted to 45-degrees, valuable or confidential papers or other items remain in place without risk of spilling out when these Interlink accessories are connected to the carry-on luggage.

Accordion-system Prevents spilling of contents