Zero Crease™ System

Patented no-wrinkle system for business attire

Making travel life better and easier is the reason for VOCIER. That's why we invented and patented a wrinkle-free system for business attire.

Do you travel with a suit, or other business or formal attire? Do you need to ensure your apparel arrives looking pristine? Then you need the patented Zero Crease™ compartment. The Zero Crease™ system is unique in that it eliminates pressure and folds, the two causes of wrinkles. The Zero Crease compartment is optional on the Avant carry-on luggage.

Optional Zero Crease™ system With hanger, compartment, and suspension straps

Our patented system works by suspending folded apparel, shoes, etc., in a separate compartment. Your fine attire is first placed on the provided hanger and then laid flat in the luggage body. Adjustable suspension straps are then snugly tightened over your important clothing. The Zero Crease™ compartment is then placed on top of the suspension straps. It is this internal suspension system which keeps the compartment from resting on your fine apparel. This system eliminates pressure and creases, the two causes of wrinkles. When you close the luggage body, your fine apparel rolls rather than folds around the soft-cornered compartment.

Fast Pass™ Works with Zero Crease™

If you choose to use the optional Zero Crease™ compartment to eliminate wrinkles, you’ll still be able to use our Fast Pass™ pocket. The compartment features a pouch sized for our Dopp kits. So, when you open the top of your Avant luggage at security, you’ll have immediate access to your toiletries.

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