Smooth YKK Zippers

It’s the attention to detail that determines quality. That’s why we selected YKK Excella zippers to give the VOCIER F Collection an extra touch of elegance and resiliency.

This is no ordinary zipper-maker. YKK Excella invested more than 40 years of research and development into creating a smooth, durable product.

Before making our selection, the VOCIER team spent months researching zipper companies and meeting with manufacturers around the globe. When we walked into the YKK Excella factory and tried their latest product, we knew it was perfect for our F Collection.

The new YKK Excella zipper has a smooth, effortless glide to it. This is because it’s crafted with perfectly symmetrical teeth that reduce friction when opening and closing. The design also gives the product a refined, balanced look that perfectly matches the profile of our F Collection.And all zippers made by YKK Excella are surprisingly durable, which is especially important for luggage. You never want to struggle with a stuck zipper while travelling far from home.

For us, the decision was clear: these premium-quality zippers were the final touch needed to complete our collection of vegetable-tanned leather luggage.

Smooth YKK Zippers