Quality Materials

What good is an attractive piece of luggage if it can’t stand up to wear and tear?

A subtle crack. A tiny rip. A loose handle. Any of these things will diminish the quality of even the most immaculately crafted bag or suitcase.

So to maximize the life of our products, we spent months making VOCIER one of the most durable pieces of luggage on the market today. And after intense research, we found the perfect material to help us accomplish this goal.

It’s a high-performance plastic, which is made by BASF. This product is actually used to construct critical components of luxury automobiles, including the latest models by BMW.

It was specifically developed to withstand enormous amounts of energy on impact. And because this material is fiber-reinforced, it provides an extraordinary amount of durability at an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.


And now, it’s a key component in the creation of the VOCIER luggage system. This durable plastic helps us ensure that our bags and suitcases are stronger than almost any other product available.

Months of testing and research

Before deciding to use the BASF product, we first analyzed what usually causes luggage to break.

After testing – and ultimately destroying – several carry-on bags we discovered that it’s often the handle that fails under stress. Almost all luggage brands use China-made ABS plastic for this essential component, which is cheap and brittle.

The VOCIER handle had to be better. Stronger.

After testing five different materials from around the world, we finally settled on the plastic created by BASF, which came out as the best-of-the-best.

Quality Materials