Pressure and tight corners

Wrinkles in your suit are caused by two factors: Pressure and tight corners

Just like creasing a piece of paper, wrinkles in fabric are formed when pressure is applied to a fold.

Patented contour design

VOCIER uses a patented contour design that eliminates these factors

Your suit is kept wrinkle-free in a special protective sleeve that gently curves around the interior of the luggage.

The result

The Result - Wrinkle free suits

VOCIER’s patented Zero Crease System keeps your suit free of harsh wrinkles until you arrive at your travel destination.

No tight corners. No pressure. No wrinkles.

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The result

How to pack for a weeklong business trip

Despite their compact dimensions, you can easily pack a week’s worth of necessities into your luggage or bag, including up to two suits, shirts, shoes, underwear, and a Dopp kit.

Packing smart means making the most of available space: pack socks into shoes, and then insert shoes and shirts into the inside compartment. The patented VOCIER luggage handle gives you convenient and protective storage space for passport, credit cards, papers, and mobile phone.

Tips on how to pack your luggage